The #1 Mobile Strategy Killer – And How To Get Rid Of It

How would you like to be able to look at your business and know exactly where to begin with mobile marketing and actually execute on it in a timely manner?

So, first, I’ll explain what it is… and then I’ll give you a tip on how to look at your business that will enable you to take action and  eliminate it forever.

How People End Up Taking No Action Due To Paralysis by Analysis (Does this happen to you?)

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Look for the low hanging fruit in your business and then pick ONE thing to act on first. Click to tweet.

If you’d like to view the full interview with Kane you can find it here. If you want to check out the interview with Derek Halpern and Corbett Barr check it out here.

How To Avoid Paralysis by Analysis and Take Your First Step Towards Executing Your Mobile Strategy.

Now that you watched that video…

If you want to connect with your customers on their mobile device you’ll want to make sure your website is mobile friendly. There are many services available for your business and I mention a handful of them on the resource page as well as below. These are affordable solutions for small to medium sized businesses that allow you have a mobile site very quickly.

4 solutions providers I recommend are:

If your site is on wordpress and your’e looking to mobilize your blog there are also a handful of plugins to mobilize your wordpress site. Themeforest offers some great responsive solutions as well for reasonable prices that you could explore as well. Note, you’ll want to have someone on your team that is familiar with editing some code to get the right look for your brand.

If you’re a larger agency or brand, you may want to consider working with a boutique mobile agency that specializes in mobile development. I highly recommend Tack Mobile. 

Don’t be apart of that 95% paralyzed by over analysis. Find the low hanging fruit and take action on ONE thing now. Then worry about the next step.

Have you suffered for paralysis by analysis and looked back to see that you haven’t taken any action? I’d love to hear what is slowing you down and what your low hanging fruit might be.

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