A Mobile Marketing Review of Women’s Health

Takedown Tuesday 008: Women's HealthI was on a flight back to Denver with Sarah (my fiancee) and she showed me a QR code being used in Women’s Health Magazine.

Seeing as how she knows I wanted to scan it for a potential Takedown, I just couldn’t resist.

In today’s Takedown I share with you how Women’s Health used a QR code in their magazine to create an interactive experience delivering a free gift to it’s readers.

Today’s lessons are interesting as Women’s Health is doing a lot of things right but there are just a few things that would have made this experience much better.

I hope you enjoy todays’ Takedown.

In today’s video we talk about:

  • A QR code in Women’s Health Magazine. Was it used well?
  • How to turn a non-interactive experience into an online, interactive experience. 
  • The importance of the complete customer journey.
  • The art of the upsell.

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Audio Only Version Coming Soon!

Takedown Tuesdays will be released as an audio only podcast as well over the next couple of weeks. Stay tune for that.

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