A Mobile Marketing Case Study of Jack In The Box

I was chatting with my friend and mobile expert, James Citron about MMS and he told me to subscribe to the campaigns that Jack In The Box is running.

He thought they were doing some cool things so I wanted to follow along.Takedown Tuesday 009: Jack In The Box

If you’re not familiar with Jack In The Box, they are a fast food restaurant (sort of like a Wendy’s). Well, in today’s Takedown I’m going to review my experience with this popular fast food restaurant chain.

I don’t think you’ll be expecting what happens.

In today’s video we talk about:

  • What Jack In The Box is doing real well with MMS
  • How Jack In Box has it right with their mobile web experience
  • One thing all businesses can learn from in their messaging
  • One surprise that I wasn’t even expecting

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Audio Only Version Coming Soon!

Takedown Tuesdays will be released as an audio only podcast as well over the next couple of weeks. Stay tune for that.

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