Making Passive Income Creating Smartphone Apps With Special Guest Pat Flynn

Today on Mobile Mixed: Ok, when it comes to making passive income online AND being uber transparent about it, there is no better person to talk to than today’s guest, Pat Flynn. Pat’s blog Smart Passive Income has been a great resource for me as I build Mobile Mixed and he is a constant inspiration for me so I’m obviously super stoked to have him on the show today.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Greg, what does Pat do within mobile”?

Well, my friends one of Pat’s businesses is a smartphone app company called LOL’er apps and they create  (with ourtsourced developers) entertainment apps in hopes of creating passive income. As Pat tells you today, it’s been a success thus far and he’s working to release some new apps in the near future.

Today’s show is important for a lot of reasons and I believe you’ll walk way with some SERIOUS action items and a little bit o’ inspiration. So, today we cover:

  • How Pat’s “Be Everywhere” strategy is one that most businesses/brands should strive for
  • Why mobile is an important component for businesses, brands, especially personal brands.
  • How a smartphone app can better connect you with your community
  • How mobile will play a role in promoting Hollywood films, even one like Crooked Arrows which Pat worked on

Example: You have a badass community like Pat does who want to consume content while on the go, during a commute or even from their bed like me ( I know, it sounds weird but it’s TOTALLY normal). Even better, add push notifications to let your community know when you have a new post, video or podcast. Like Pat is going to add soon! 😉

I hope you enjoy today’s episode with Pat. What ways do you think you could be using mobile to build better relationships with your customers and better serve your audience? Lemme know in the comments.

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 About The Pat Flynn: 

Pat Flynn is a 29 year old father, husband and owner of the Smart Passive Income brand, which consists of a very successful blog, podcast and YouTube channel.  Pat’s approach to online business and blogging is complete transparency and honesty as he shares all of his separate online businesses, experiments and case studies, down to how much he’s earned and all of the wins and losses along the way.  Currently, he particularly enjoys sharing his experience beyond the blogging medium and into the power of voice, including a podcast that has just passed 1,000,000 downloads, videos and public speaking.