How To Add Instagram To Your Marketing Strategy With Kevin Planovsky

The Mobile Mixed Podcast
The Mobile Mixed Podcast

In today’s episode we talk Instagram.

We have yet to really dive into how Instagram can be a part of your mobile strategy and our guest today is going to share a success story that you can learn from.

I’ve been connecting with Kevin Planovsky of Vert for years now about mobile but it’s always ever been online.

Well, today I finally get to pick his brain and he shares how he and his team has added Instagram to their clients strategy to connect with their audience in a new way. 

With Instagram starting to use advertising this is a great time to understand how you could be using Instagram within your marketing mix

Kevin shares some honest truths about the state of mobile as it relates to social and his learnings and results from using it to generate an impact on his clients business. 

Today we’ll talk strategy, tips, recommendations and how to get results. I hope you enjoy!

In this episode we specifically talk about:

  •  How you can use Instagram to create awareness
  • That social is really mobile and mobile is really social
  • The importance of using the right tools to connect with YOUR customer
  • The power of knowing how your customer uses their phone
  • What to do when you know where your audience spends their time

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

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