6 Mobile Things All Businesses Should Be Doing In 2014

It’s time all businesses started to show up for their customers.

That means show up the way the customer expects them to show up.

It’s none of your business how, when, where and on what device your customers uses to connect with you. Tweet This

But it’s your job to make that experience as seamless as possible.

If you don’t, you risk losing  a customer. Period.

The Mobile Mixed Podcast
The Mobile Mixed Podcast

Today I share 6 things all businesses need to be doing when it comes to mobile.

In today’s episode we’ll specifically talk about:

  • How to truly understand your mobile customer
  • Understand how mobile users interact with your site
  • The first thing you should be doing for your customer
  • How consumers actually consume content and how mobile changes that for your business
  • The most overlooked mobile tool in your tool chest
  • The most powerful way to mobilize and increase the reach of your existing content

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